Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monster Alien World

The movie Monsters was pretty good but it could have been way better. There was a lot of suspense and a lead up to a big reveal but there never really was. I did like the storyline. It was very realistic.

I couldn't imagine a world with giant alien creatures. That would be insane. But it would also be kind of awesome. I just wouldn't want to die. It would definitely make life a lot more adventurous.

It would be life changing to experience something like that just as long as it wasn’t war of the worlds. I would not have to run from being captured in a wire ball then my guts being blown all over the ground. That is the most terrifying thing to think about. Screw that. Monsters seems more realistic.

I wonder what people would do if this actually happened. Would we go to war and try to get rid of them? Would we try to make peace with them? Would we just avoid them? It is crazy to think if that were to be real. How many things that would be different.

I like this movie because of the realistic approach. How the world would be if it were over run but octopus like aliens. Definitely a good watch. It reminded me of the movie Evolution. But Evolution was crazy. Many monsters and many dangerous situations. Evolution is also another really good movie. Actually surprised it wasn’t one of our required movies!

Idiocracy. True Story.

We watched part of Idiocracy in class. I really want to watch the whole movie. In the future I could totally see human kind being that way. I see people lacking common sense more and more as the days go on.

Many people I have noticed now a days have no respect for themselves, anyone or anything around them. They never put themselves in other people shoes.  No manners. No morals. Just plain ignorance. It is something that actually really bothers me. I could really see the world being like this.

I have also noticed that in recent days kids really don’t go to school anymore. They start families at sixteen and wind up working at the local Burger King for the rest of their lives. And the sad part, they really don’t mind it. It’s extremely sad. No one has dreams anymore. Just pure laziness.

Growing up I have been taught to go after my dreams and to never let anything get in the way of that. I have always dreamed big. Being rich. Being famous. Being known for my amazing work. Having  a huge house. Having an amazing family to share my house with after I am successful. I would never in a million years dream of having a kid at 16 and working at a greasy fast food place as my income for my family. I will never struggle to support myself let alone trying to support a family on 7$ an hour.

This movie literally is my vision of the kids I went to school with and the town I came from. Sitting around in their underwear with big beer guts watching TV. It is really sad. People would rather call themselves “Bad Bitches” and “Bosses” then actually proving it by being successful and a good person while doing it.

I can imagine the world going to dump especially with the new generations growing each day. Just sad. Idiocracy is on point with many things I witness all the time from people.


Time Bandits was such a cute movie. It reminded me so much of the Goonies. Even Little Monsters. Just different settings and storylines.

To me, it seems like a little kid or kids who create a fantasy world to escape the real world due to bad parents or just whatever. In Time Bandits, Kevin imagines a world of midget thieves trying to find treasures. They travel through time holes escaping The Supreme Head.

In the Goonies, a group of kids team up and enter a hole of a house that is being used as a hideout to a group of criminals. The group of kids go on an adventure to find One-Eyed-Willies treasure to save their neighborhood from being demolished.

In the Little Monsters,  Brian is lonely in a new neighborhood. He then captures a blue monster, Maurice, lurking in his house and befriends him. Maurice takes Brian to the monster world underneath of his bed. Brian goes on an adventure trying to save his brother and return to the human world before sunrise or else they will all turn to monsters.

Each one of these movies reminds me of when kids create imaginary friends. Or when you get with a group of friends and play imaginary games like finding a treasure. These movies are a good example of having an imagination.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aliens Vs Humans

Lilith’s Brood is pretty interesting. Earth has been saved by an alien species because humans waged a war on themselves causing humans to almost go extinct. Is it bad that this book actually seems realistic?

We cause war on each other all the time. Why? Because humans are freaking stupid. We will probably one day go extinct because of all the nuclear and toxic shit that countries leak into our oceans and into the air. One country has to have the power but you know killing off half the Earth is okay in the process. Humans also like to mess with nature, which also causes bad reactions instead of leaving it alone.

I do believe in aliens. I do believe the government contacts them but keeps it undercover. I do believe aliens watch us. I do believe they have been on Earth. I believe the aliens study us and try to see what we are. I have seen many documentations and shows on aliens. One was the most famous alien abduction. The guy described aliens as all looking the same, wearing orange jumpsuits, short, no personality. Just all the same and completely genius. I believe aliens to be like that. So maybe it is one day possible that they will save our species.

Lilith’s Brood kind of feels like a futuristic story to how Earth really will be one day. Aliens trying to save human race by mating but as selfish as humans are they will fight against it. I feel as if aliens are way beyond our smarts. Us humans, are extremely dumb to them. So if they wanted to mate with us it would probably be a privilege. Maybe it will actually make the human race better.

I have also read that men in black actually exist. They are there to warn people who have had alien encounters to never speak about it. I am curious to why the government keeps aliens such a secret. The only reason I could think is that humans would freak out in fear and all hell will break loose.

In the book, it described Jodahs as the first mixture between human and alien. I really wonder how dangerous that would be. What it would look like and how it would interact.

To think that one day we might actually meet aliens is crazy. That would either be really scary or really awesome.

Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake is kind of a strange story. It’s first introduced as kind of a normal story would go except they have these weird creatures and his name is Snowman. This story didn’t really all that interest me. It was kind of the typical loser kid, Jimmy, who has a smart best friend, Crake. Goes through how he’s at a crappy school and his friend goes to an awesome school with many different facilities.

As they get older, Crake is some scientist who creates these weird creatures that have to be held in a compound. Crake is also in a relationship with a girl named Oryx who, as kids were Crake and Jimmies sexual fantasy on a pornography website. Jimmy then develops a sexual relationship with Oryx.

A worldwide disease breaks out after Jimmy started working for Crake. Crake had disappeared for awhile and when he returns he finds Jimmy locked up with the Crakers. Crake slits the throat of Oryx in front of Jimmy’s face. Jimmy then shoots and kills Crake. Jimmy is then responsible for taking care of the Crakers.

This story was a little boring with a mixture of Men in Black. That’s all I kept picturing. The names of the creatures like rakunk, pigoons and crakers reminds me of the little cockroach looking creatures that are with the Men in Black. 

It would be cool to live in a world where weird creatures like this exist. Or we could create them. I also feel like that can be completely and utterly dangerous as well. I guess maybe we might have these creatures but we just don’t know about them. The government hides a lot of stuff. Just like aliens.